Coulomb Technologies, one of the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider in the US, have just made changes to their ChargePoint Network, which is the industry’s first charging station reservation system designed for EV drivers. One of the most notable improvements would be to make it easier for you to book your electric charging station before you head out on a long road trip, as you select your destination, obtain the right driving directins and make sure you turn up at your designated spot there and then – all from the comfort of an online browser.

This new system will enable EV drivers to be more comfortable bringing their EVs around for a spin, as you will be able to enjoy the convenience of ensuring your desired fueling destination is available when you arrive. This surely removes plenty of headache and uncertainties, and for those who need to make sure that everything is in place and in order in their lives, this feature makes it so much less of a hassle. Not only that, ChargePoint search results will also reflect actual “real-time” status of any available charging station on the ChargePoint Network, now how about that?

According to Richard Lowenthal, founder and CTO at Coulomb, “If you are certain you can charge at your destination, it effectively doubles the range of your vehicle since you don’t need to cover the round trip with just one charge.  It also means that a 100-mile vehicle can cover a 100-mile diameter metropolitan area, like the San Francisco or Los Angeles regions.  I need to know in advance that a station and EV parking place is waiting and available for me at the mall, or the theater or at a meeting location.  This feature is especially important to station owners who want to ensure that an EV driver will spend time at their business.”

Would this make you pick up an EV now that life has gotten more convenient? [Press Release]

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