Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave

If you’re constantly travelling around the world, you might face problems like forgetting to set the time on your watch when you hop from country to country, leading to missing flights and possibly, important meetings. Well the folks over at Citizen have come up with a solution – the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch. Instead of relying on users to calculate the time, or even radio waves to get accurate times, the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave gets its time from the GPS satellites that are constantly orbiting Earth. With one out of 24 accessible to you at all times, you can be sure that wherever you go, you’ll always have the right time. The watch uses geolocation to determine where you are and then adjusts your watch accordingly. No words on prices or exact availability date (Fall 2011 was mentioned), but it will be a limited edition watch, which means it shouldn’t be cheap.

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