The cool thing about TokyoFlash is that they help turn visions into reality, as far as watches are concerned. Basically fans or designers can submit watch ideas to the company and if the demand and love for it is there, they will turn it into an actual product. We have covered such a watch before with the TokoFlash Kisai Kaidoku watch that was originally a fan submitted design.

This design however, does not require you to have a Ph. D. in mathematics to figure out the time as it is all about the right angle, which coincidentally is also the name of the watch. The Right Angle when seen from above or head on looks like it’s just made out of blocks and stripes, basically illegible. However, tilting it forward tells you the time and it’s basically a play on perspective, which we think is a pretty unique way of telling the time.

It’s supposed to even come with mini USB port that would allow you to transfer data to and from the device itself. Perfect for storing all your secret spy files, and if you would like to see this watch become a reality, TokyoFlash is giving you about 29 days to vote for its production, so head on down to their website and cast your votes today!

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