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Nokia Announces New App Partnerships at CTIA Wireless
Today at CTIA Wireless – the show for “all things mobile”, the Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia announced a plethora of new and extended application-based partners that are touted to bring leading and exclusive titles to the Lumia smartphone range. These newly announced applications will be part of the 80,000 applications currently available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Senior Vice President of Nokia Developer, Marco Argenti said,

Mysterious looking Dot Watch will garner you a lot of attention
If you’re a fan of watches that make people ask you “is that a watch?” you’re going to love this concept watch designed by Samuel Jerichow. Called The Dot watch, it features a mysterious design that looks like a bunch of dots on a wrist strap, The Dot watch is unlike any watch I’ve seen before. It features a dot in the center of the strap (where the watch face […]

TokyoFlash's The Right Angle watch has a pretty unique way of telling the time
The cool thing about TokyoFlash is that they help turn visions into reality, as far as watches are concerned. Basically fans or designers can submit watch ideas to the company and if the demand and love for it is there, they will turn it into an actual product. We have covered such a watch before with the TokoFlash Kisai Kaidoku watch that was originally a fan submitted design.

Tactile Wrist-Watch Helps Those Visually Impaired To Tell The Time
Jacob Rynkiewicz decided that perhaps it was time to start focusing on the basic needs of those who are visually impaired. Sure there are fancy gadgets and devices that allow those who are visually impaired to get along with their lives but perhaps one such need, one as basic as keeping time, has been neglected, which is why he has come up with the concept watch that would allow those […]


Time magazine lends its cover for Call of Duty promotion
Time magazine has got to have one of the most recognizable covers of a magazine all over the world. The iconic red border and matching four letters as its header: TIME. Well, the magazine has been the subject of controversy due to a promotion stint the company is doing with Activision, the publishers of hit video game: Call of Duty. In an attempt to reach out to the younger demographic, […]

Time to release digital magazines to iPad print subscribers
After months of trying to reach an agreement with Apple, it looks like Time Inc. won’t be selling digital versions of their magazines on Apple’s iTunes store anymore – The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company will be issuing digital copies of their magazines as free downloads to print subscribers.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch tells the right time wherever you are
If you’re constantly travelling around the world, you might face problems like forgetting to set the time on your watch when you hop from country to country, leading to missing flights and possibly, important meetings. Well the folks over at Citizen have come up with a solution – the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch. Instead of relying on users to calculate the time, or even radio waves to get accurate times, […]

Zoomin Watch magnifies the time
Every now and then we have a watch that catches our attention, and the Zoomin Watch is one of them. This brilliant watch design makes use of rotating magnifying glasses to tell users what the current time is. There’s nothing too fancy about the design – you don’t have to relearn how to tell the time like some watches we’ve seen. A small circle of numbers nearer to the center […]

ZAZOO Photo Clock teaches young kids about telling time
If your kids are having trouble telling the time and what they should be doing at certain hours of the day (i.e. be in bed by 9pm), ZAZOO’s Photo Clock was built to solve that problem. Designed to help children who don’t know how to read the time yet, this Photo Clock comes with a set of pre-programmed images that show up on the screen depending on the time of day. […]

Haptica Braille watch helps the blind tell the time
Blind people have had a hard time telling the time with the current generation of watches available to them – an analog watches that requires users to feel bumps all around the watch in order to tell the time, which is time consuming and inaccurate or a digital watch that reads out the time with the press of a button – accurate and fast, but useless on a noisy street, […]

Pinball machines can tell the time too
Fancy having an atomic clock inside a pinball machine? A tinker named Mark Gibson has just released the details of his latest project online: a WWVB atomic clock using a pinball machine marquee. Instead of displaying the score for the pinball machine, it now displays the time in its place (with atomic clock accuracy in fact). And if you don’t mind the noise (it really does makes a lot of […]

Concept: Jo Ge Watch Tells The Time With Three Bars
Here’s a rather fancy looking watch concept that will have folks scratching their heads in confusion if they don’t know how to read it. The watch, dubbed “Jo Ge” features three vertical rounded bars, moving up and down the display to indicate the time. The leftmost bar indicates the hours; the middle bar indicates the ten minute group while the rightmost bar indicates the single minutes. The case is made […]

Concept: Watch oNe Sports Multiple Faces
If you’re not happy with the face of your watch, you might want to keep an eye on the Watch oNe, which is a watch that features a backlit LED E-Ink display that allows you to change the method the time is displayed, depending on your whims and fancies. The watch can be hooked up to a computer via a microUSB port and allows you to download additional kinds of […]

Hublot Liberty Bullet Pocket Watch
If you think your timepiece doesn’t make you look manly enough, the Hublot bullet pocket watch might be just what you’ve been looking for. While we’re not trying to indirectly encourage you to go on a rampage in your neighborhood, it might make you look more appealing than the current Hello Kitty watch you’re wearing. It’s christened “Liberty”, and houses a Tourbillon, making it look very cool. The build sports […]