The Uchida Research Laboratory over at Tohoku University recently demonstrated a high visibility projection screen that relies on the theory of Diffused Light Control (DLC). In their parlance, “Only light from the projector is diffused towards observers, and excess external light is reflected away from observers, or it is absorbed, so there is no influence from external light, and the screen can display images to observers with the black solid just the way it is emitted from the projector.”


The screen itself comprises of a reflective panel and diffusion film, where the projector located right below will project onto the screen from a low angle. The beauty (and some say, magic) of this reflective screen is the ability to change the direction of the light that enters from below towards observers, while the diffusion film will live up to its namesake and diffuse light that so that images can be shown to the viewer without missing a beat.

To put it in a nutshell, this means you can now hold presentations and conferences in bright locations, without having to go through the whole vampire-in-the-house procedure of drawing curtains to prevent any outside light from pouring in. This also takes away the edge of drowsiness in a darkened room, especially after most folks have taken their lunch and are in danger of falling into a post-lunch coma.

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