Are you tired of sending emails to the wrong person, especially when you have contacts that have the same name (i.e. boss named Bob and a separate friend named Bob), and do you often forget to include certain people in your email? Google has just announced the addition of some new features to Gmail to make life easier for you. Called “Don’t forget Bob” and “Got the wrong Bob?” these features have been in testing for awhile now and have finally made the transition into Gmail for everyone. Whenever you add recipients to an email, Google will automatically suggest to you the list of names to include based on the people you frequently email. In addition to suggesting people you might have forgotten, Gmail also helps you to check whether you’re emailing the right person so you don’t mistakenly send mails to Bob your boss instead of Bob your friend. Pretty nifty features that make sure nobody is left out and you don’t get in trouble for emailing the wrong people. It should be done rolling out to all Gmail accounts by now, if not give it another day or two.

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