How To Use A Custom Email Address With Gmail

Many users have at least two email accounts; one for personal and another for professional use. So what happens when you have a custom email address (non domain) and wish to manage it (send and receive email) via Gmail? The process is fairly simple, just let out step-by-step tutorial guide you through.

How To Delete Emails and Accounts on iPhone

When you do not want an email account associated with a device, you simply delete it. Normally, you would do it if you are switching your primary email address or cleaning the slate before selling the device. But, how do you delete email accounts on iPhone? In either case, do you want to delete the entire email account from your iPhone or just specific emails? Here, we will let you […]

Ray Tomlinson, Creator Of Email Passes Away At Age 74

Email is something pretty much all of us use in our day-to-day lives. Whether it be for work or pleasure, most of us have an email address, or in some cases, more than one address. Unfortunately it has recently been reported that Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, has passed away at the age of 74 of suspected heart failure.

Trackbuster, First User Friendly Software to Block Email Trackers

Today, email is still the killer app, although no one now think about talking about it on panels as they often do for social media. With the multiplication of cyber attacks on large corporations such as Sony, LinkedIn, Dropox or more recently,  on the federal Government, people are more concerned by privacy and security than ever. However, it looks like very few users realize that their emails are tracked, and information […]


How To Set The Default Email Client (Windows 7 and 8)

Setting programs as Default for opening files make it very easy to open files without going through the process of specifying which program to use. However, it can be a bit tricky to set up a default Email Client and it gets worse with Windows 8, as it will set its built-in Mail app as Default Email client. Not many people are fan of Windows 8 Mail app and the […]

How To Send Email To SMS (and Vice Versa)

SMS (aka “text”) and Email are the most common means of communication. You can easily send a text or email to anyone if you know their required contact details and it doesn’t cost much either. However, there are times when you want to send a message across these two platforms. You can easily send a text to anyone’s email or email as SMS to any phone and there are many […]

FBI Task Force: Email Scams Netted Over $214 Million In A Year

Email scams are something that every single computer users, especially those who are new to the Internet, ought to be aware of. I am quite surprised to realize that while we give proper training and classes to those who drive, when it comes to the online, you would most probably have to teach yourself, and sometimes, learning a lesson can be particularly expensive. An FBI task force has shared that […]

eAngel Service Lets Humans Proofread Your Emails

There are many different kinds of online services made available to the masses, but eAngel happens to be one of the more useful ones out there, where it will deliver human autocorrect straight to your Gmail outbox for a mere $5 monthly. How does eAngel work? Well, it will rely on a Chrome extension, which will see the inclusion of a second ‘send with eAngel’ option to your Gmail compose […]

IBM Verse Email App Intends To Make You More Efficient

I am quite sure that the first time you dived into the world of emails, you were so enthralled by it, that you simply could not stop yourself from checking your email from time to time each day. Nowadays, it is more of a drag – where plenty of proverbial “firefighting” needs to go on, that is, to clear out unwanted spam and junk mail from your account, which can […]

Snail Mail My Email Continues To Keep The Flame Burning

When was the last time that you actually received a mail in your physical mailbox, one that is not spam, and neither is it a bank statement, but rather, a heartfelt and written letter from a friend who is pouring out his or her feelings? It seems like forever, and most likely, you would also start to wonder what is this thing known as “stamps”, too. Having said that, here […]

Microsoft Will Not Deliver Foreign Emails To The U.S.

Microsoft has taken a stand by refusing to hand over emails to the U.S. government from the Dublin data center, and this particularly bold move comes across after a New York District Court Judge’s order was purposed last Friday. Judge Loretta Preska ruled in the favor of the government, citing that the government is able to continue with the retrieval of emails in foreign data centers, but the software giant […]

Yahoo Encrypted Email Made Possible With Google Teamwork

It looks as though with all of the hacking that is going around us these days, one can never be too paranoid or careful when it comes to protecting what precious personal information that we have online. This applies to your email account too, and Yahoo has announced that their Yahoo Mail service will be encrypted end-to-end from some time next year onward. As to the exact date and month […]

ProtonMail Arrives In Public Beta

Let’s face it – the NSA is not exactly in the good books of many people ever since their secrets were leaked out, not to mention being the butt of close-to-home jokes, where it even accessed information from the likes of Google and Yahoo! among others. If there is one particular rule of thumb that all should subscribe to, it would be this – using your smartphone, tablet or computer […]

Yahoo Switches To Basic Email On Older Browsers

There are times when it pays to remain ahead of the learning curve – such as now, as Yahoo requires you to update your browser or you will be using basic email instead when June 6 rolls around. The basic version of Yahoo Mail that will run on older browsers will not come with all of the other necessary trappings such as the useful spell-check or chat function.