HTC update for WP7

HTC is known to be pretty diligent when it comes to pushing out updates for their phones as we discovered with their Android devices, but it looks like they’re working just as hard with Windows Phone 7. Folks who updated their phones early using the unofficial ChevronWP7 updater discovered that plugging their phones into the Zune software on the PC prompted them to install a new update from HTC. While it hasn’t been mentioned what comes with the update, it’s probably the usual bug fixes and updates that are usually introduced with new operating system updates. While new updates for the HTC phones is good news, what’s even more interesting is that the update is being served out to phones that updated unofficially – does this mean that Microsoft’s warning was a bluff? I guess time will tell. Let us know if you’ve received the HTC update on your WP7 phone, and any changes that you’ve noticed.

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