Microsoft Kinect

The Kinect has been used in over 101 different applications and new ways to use the motion controller are being discovered on a weekly basis. It’s been Microsoft’s ingenious idea to release the controller out into the wild and let people go crazy with the device. In case people thought that it wasn’t Microsoft’s intention to see the device being innovated, well the latest patent application filed by the company seems to say otherwise.

Microsoft has recently filed a patent application for Kinect custom profiles. These custom profiles essentially allow a Kinect to calibrate itself accordingly to a user – because not everybody moves in the same way, the Kinect can learn how a user moves in order to increase its accuracy. Users can also store custom gestures to perform different functions using these profiles. In addition to storing settings on the user’s profile, the profiles will also be stored on some sort of cloud storage so that they can be accessed through any Kinect – so the next time you go over to a friend’s place to indulge in some multiplayer gaming, you can just load up your own profile and the game is set to your liking. Neat stuff, though we don’t know if any of these patents will ever get implemented, but it’s good to know Microsoft are continually working on the device to make it better.

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