Many did wonder whether Sony would make a name for itself when it went into the video game console market, and of course, the PSX as well as PS2 proved to be more than legendary. Perhaps the same amount of initial skepticism might plague Samsung when one takes a look at the Samsung HD3 portable gaming console concept, where it has looked towards Sony’s classic PSP design as an inspiration, curved edges, oblong shape and all.

Of course, being a conceptual device, you can basically go nuts with the kind of technology inside. Powered by Android (hmmm, this isn’t so promising since Android games aren’t exactly that stunning to look at, with simple looking games being more the rule than the exception), you will be able to enjoy 3D Galaxy interface navigation, directional buttons with Easy Touch capability, a fingerprint reader for easy player profile identification, a 16:9 full HD AMOLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, built-in stereo speakers, a microphone, and mainstays of most smartphones these days – a gyroscope, accelerometer and ambient light sensor.

Of course, this is a 4G device so that ought to make it popular among users who live in 4G-enabled areas, but there’s always Wi-Fi connectivity to fall back upon if that’s not the case. 250GB of internal memory is clearly off the charts, and judging by the size of this thing, it is small enough to hold an SSD and not hard drive, so do expect the price to be under the premium category.

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