Skyfire 4.0If there’s one thing that Android doesn’t have a lack of choice of is when it comes to web browsers. There are just so many browsers available for the mobile operating system, and one of them that have been extremely popular is Skyfire for Android. What makes Skyfire popular is its video compression feature that allows users to spend less time loading videos and more time watching them and let’s not forget – streaming the videos won’t be so harsh on your data plan.

Skyfire recently received an update to version 4.0 that improve the user experience on the web browser. It includes a customizable SkyBar that allows users to personalize it whatever way they want, On-demand video: video thumbnails will no longer pop up when you load a page – you choose which videos you want to play by hitting the video button and then loading it from there, and the inclusion of new in-browser tips, tricks & tutorials to help users get the most out of Skyfire.

Skyfire is available as a free download from the Android Market, but if you want the benefits of the video compression technology, you’ll have to fork out a few dollars for the Skyfire Video License Key.

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