PlayStation controllerA man was recently arrested for trying to rob a convenience store with the use of a Sony PlayStation controller. He had kept it in his pocket, pretending that it was a gun while attempting to rob the store. Unfortunately for him, there was a police officer who walked into the store in the middle of the robbery. Apparently the policeman was tipped off about the robber’s presence, and the robber was a man the policeman was looking for.

Imagine his surprise when he caught the robber in the act. The robber dropped the controller and gave up when confronted by the officer, but that didn’t make things any better. The robber was still arrested and is now facing charges of strong-arm robbery and violation of probation.

It is unclear what sort of PlayStation controller the robber was using, after all if it was a PlayStation Move controller that was shaped like a gun, as opposed to a regular PlayStation controller, it would probably be the difference between the robber being the laughing stock of other criminals in jail or just another robber who couldn’t afford a gun and settled for a toy instead. Can you imagine being threatened by a regular gamepad? Oh, the horror!

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