If you’re a huge Half Life fan and have played the FPS in its entirety, sequels and all, then you will definitely have heard of Garry Newman as he has long been known as that famous Half Life 2 modder. Garry managed to set up a system that is able to catch pirates who are downloading ‘dodgy’ copies over Valve’s Steam games distribution service, thanks to a tweak in his mod that enabled a polygon shading error in dodgy copies of his GMod.  This came about after Garry wanted to discover for himself whether he is able to track anyone who is using unauthorized copies of his GMod mod. Well, since there is the adage “it takes a thief to catch a thief”, we do have questions about Garry. We jest, of course not – surely Garry is a professional and an honest man. Remember boys and girls, it pays to use (and play) original all the time.

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