TakaraTomy is a name that is synonymous with fun peripherals and toys from the Land of the Rising Sun, and their latest release would be the Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp that is quite self-explanatory when you think about it. What the TakaraTomy Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp does well would be cute – and when we say cute, we mean very, very cute – at least for those who have a penchant for Japanese products. Hopefully you have a DIY Geiger meter to go along with this to make sure that it isn’t covered with above-normal levels of radiation, that’s for sure!

To put it in a nutshell, this is an extremely basic table lamp that can be installed in just about any place that you require light, and you can always activate it by touching it, shaking your hands in front of it, or clapping your hands close to it. Miraculously (or not so), the internal circuitry will cause Totoro to light up, while performing a cute little dance in the process.

Out later in Japan this summer, the TakaraTomy Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp will be yours for $48 thereabouts after conversion to the ever weakening US dollar.

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