As I sit here at my desk, I see there are currently four empty bottles just sitting there, doing nothing to better themselves for the sake of our society. But if I had $25 to burn, I could magically turn these empty bottles into USB-powered LED lamps.

Satechi has a new product called the Touch USB LED Lamp and what it does is basically what I described a moment ago. It turns empty bottles, such as soda bottles, liquor bottles and even water bottles, into an LED lamp that is powered by USB and can be turned on with a simple tap. Since the bulb on the lamp is an LED, Satechi promises it’ll provide 50,000 hours of light while only consuming 1.2W of power.

Considering how many people are trying their best to live a green life by consuming as little as possible, Satechi’s Touch USB LED Lamp is a product we can certainly see people would want to purchase if they would rather reuse their empty bottles than to throw them out. Also, it’ll make quite the topic of conversation the next time your hippie friends come over.

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