The Tobii PCEye has just been released, making it one of the most advanced stand-alone eye control device that is currently available in the market – making the average computer more accessible to the masses simply because you can use your eyes to control it. Not only does it come with a relatively low learning curve, it is also very accurate and portable. Playing nice with a wide range of software, the Tobii PCEye is able to flawlessly translates eye movement to a mouse cursor on a screen. Targeting those who require an alternative method for controlling a mouse and a computer, all one needs to do is attach the device to a PC screen and hook up the USB cable, and you will no longer gaze or blink at your screen in the same way, ever again. Of course, it isn’t going to be sensitive enough to handle fast paced games, but for regular Web surfing and work-related documents? The Tobii PCEye’s got it down pat. [Press Release]


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