I remember back in the day when High Definition video started to make its mark in the world of home theaters, and there were two new optical standards that were duking it out – Blu-ray and HD DVD. Of course, Sony-backed Blu-ray won in the end, but not before Microsoft and Toshiba’s collaboration with the HD DVD standard put up a good fight. It all seemed pretty even at first, but one thing’s for sure – the Blu-ray movie playback capability of the Sony PS3 truly helped it win the format battle.

What can we say of Toshiba then? Did the death of HD DVD break the company? Not really, although that was a black eye to their face. Toshiba’s still around, and they had a very special yet ironic matter to solve the dilemma – how about rolling out a Blu-ray player of their own? Of course, it might seem like blasphemy at first, such as the feeling you had when you first saw Windows running on a Mac, but after a while, people don’t really care except for the price they paid and the capability of the hardware. 

Enter the Toshiba SD-BD3, one of the simplest Blu-ray players to date where it is compatible with Dolby BR True HD, and DTS-HD Master among others, delivering the most basic Blu-Ray experience with AVCHD support. Of course, you can also use it to play MP3 and JPEG files thanks to its USB port.

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