USB Film CanisterIf there’s one thing still hasn’t gone out of fashion yet, it’s the transformation of retro objects into USB drives or portable hard disks. We’ve seen all sorts of retro objects upgraded before – from floppy disks to Super Nintendo gaming cartridges and even LEGO figures. Well now we have one more to add to the list – film canisters.

newfocus’ store on Etsy are selling 35mm film canisters that have been repurposed into USB flash drives. What a neat idea, considering how it was digital technology that led to the death of film, and now we have the remains of the past being used in a modern manner.

The canister USB drives are handmade and range from 2GB to 4GB of storage. The 2GB version costs $18.99 while the 4GB version costs $23.99. They are on sale now on newfocus’ Etsy store. It’s the perfect gift for a photography enthusiast or for someone who just likes collecting retro objects.

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