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More Tech Companies Join The Fight To Bring Back Net Neutrality Rules
With the FCC having repealed the net neutrality rules, and with it expecting to go in effect next month, there are many companies who are fighting to bring it back. In fact six major tech companies have announced that they will be joining the fight against the FCC in order prevent the repeal from going into effect.

Etsy Launches New ‘Etsy Studio’ For Craft Supplies
Many of you guys are probably familiar with Etsy, the online shopping platform that is geared more towards shoppers and sellers who are interested in handcrafted items and art. However it seems that the company has decided to branch out and have announced the launch of a new platform: Etsy Studio.

Etsy Wants To Help Its Customers Install Solar Panels
Etsy is a name that we’re sure of you guys are familiar with. For those who aren’t, Etsy is essentially an online marketplace where people can shop for handcrafted items like leather goods, paintings, jewellry, and so on. That being said, it seems like the company is also interested in doing their part for the Earth.

Amazon Handmade Has Been Officially Launched
Looking to pick up a brand new camera? Amazon could be a potential stop. Looking to buy some books? Amazon is another potential stop. Looking to buy gadgets and electronic equipment? Safe to say that there is a reason Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers for all things big and small.Now if you’re after less commercially-made products and want something more personal, something handcrafted, you might be […]


Etsy Testing Out Same-Day Delivery Service In NYC
Looking for a handcrafted leather wallet for someone’s birthday? Maybe an engraved quill for your calligraphy needs? Or maybe just some pieces of artwork? Chances are Etsy will be your destination of choice. However unlike more established and commercial sites like Amazon, Etsy’s shipping won’t be as fast.The good news is that will soon change. The retailer has recently partnered up with Postmates and they will begin trialing same-day and […]

Fund On Etsy Is Etsy’s Attempt At A Crowdfunding Platform
If you wanted to buy handmade products, crafts, paintings, and etc., chances are you might hop on over to Etsy’s website which is arguably one of the larger online retailers for those sort of goods. However given that most of the sellers are individuals are not necessarily big corporations, raising money for materials can prove to be tough sometimes.This is why Etsy has recently announced Fund on Etsy. This is […]

Amazon Handmade Wants To Take On Etsy
Amazon is a great place to go if you’re looking for more mainstream commercial goods, but if you’re after some handcrafted or unique, then chances are you will turn to Etsy which plays host to a ton of independent artists who sells handmade goods on its website, ranging from fashion, to toys, to accessories for your smartphone, and so on.However according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon […]

Video Game Book Covers Will Make Your Collection Look More Literate
We spotted an N64 mod just a few days ago that we felt would combine your love of video games and reading into one easy-to-use console, and today, we have something else that would go perfectly with your N64 Book Case mod. It’s video game book covers.The video game book covers are custom covers that were created by JamesBit that make your not-so impressive video game library look absolutely stunning as […]

Man Ring Could Be An Interesting Birthday Gift
The Man Ring that you see here comes with a bottle opener among other useful items that only a man can appreciate.

NES Cartridge Rings Are A Great Gift For Your Gamer Partner
Are you looking for the perfect gift for your gamer girlfriend? Or maybe you just want it for yourself, but either way if you’re into games, especially NES games from back in the day, perhaps these NES cartridge rings might be worth checking out. While they are actual cartridges, they are handmade with pretty impressive detail with a variety of different “titles” available to choose from, such as Zelda as […]

This California Cypress Wood LED Lamp Is A Sight To Behold
While lighting in our homes serve as a way to illuminate, other times lights can be used for decorative purposes, as well as to set the mood. If you’re looking for a unique lamp for your home, this lamp made by Paul Foeckler at Split Grain might be of interest to you. As you can see in the photo above, this lamp is by no means conventional and we doubt […]

Datamancer Executive Keyboard
When it comes to the typing instrument of your choice, just which particular model floats your boat? Well, assuming you happen to have the dough to spare this time around, how about dropping $750 on the Datamancer Executive Keyboard? Currently on sale over at Etsy, the website that does have its fair share of fine things, the Datamancer Executive Keyboard will feature an aluminum body, mechanical switches, and typewriter keys. […]

This arcade coin slot belt buckle could be a gamer's favorite fashion accessory
Before kids started getting their own consoles and before smartphones and tablets were known for their gaming capabilities, kids back in the day (and even today, perhaps less frequently) would visit the arcade to get their gaming fix. Of course there are some games available in the arcade that one can’t play at home, but we can’t help but feel that arcade games in some ways felt more precious. Maybe […]

Old film SLR cameras turned into iPhone charging docks
If you have an old film SLR lying around the house that is either broken, or if you have no plans for it in the future, how about transforming it into an iPhone charging dock? As pictured above, an Etsy user by the name of Roberto has managed to do just that and has converted several old SLR cameras into working iPhone charging docks. Given how heavy some of these […]