Blockbuster appRooted Android users seem to be receiving the short end of the stick a lot recently. On Sunday we reported that users with rooted Android phones won’t be able to rent movies from the Android Market. Now it looks like another app has decided to follow in the Android Market’s footsteps: Blockbuster. The new Blockbuster app that was released this week, gives rooted Android users a warning when they run the app:

Widevine Error

TamperDetected: Device detected as rooted.

This device will not be able to download or playback Widevine encrypted content.

In case you didn’t know, rooting is the process of liberating an Android device to grant its users Superuser permission that allows them to access and modify files they normally wouldn’t be able to. It is one of the main benefits of the Android platform – customizability to your heart’s content.

What’s even more surprising is that Widevine is owned by Google. Now who would’ve thought? First on its own market, and now on the Blockbuster app. Is Google really trying to crack down on rooted users? Whatever happened to Android being open for users to muck around with?

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