D-Link has just released their latest dual band MediaBridge, the DAP-1513 Wireless N. Capable of playing nice on both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz spectrums, the DAP-1513 will take advantage of whichever band that is currently the most free of interference automatically in order to ensure that media streaming remains nice and smooth sans hiccups and the ilk. The bridge will also connects up to a quartet of network-ready 100Mbps Ethernet devices.

Targeting the home wireless network market, the DAP-1513 clearly sees the 5GHz band as an advantage to be taken of, since it is well suited for streaming traffic. As for the 2.4GHz band frequency, that is normally good enough for standard Web browsing. Integrated Quality of Service prioritization will go ahead to assist this bridge stream HD videos, play online games and share media in an efficent manner without missing a beat.

The DAP-1513 will also ensure your peace of mind is kept thanks to WPA and WPA2 security, while the ability to connect to other compatible D-Link devices at speeds up to 300MB/s over Wi-Fi chalks up as another endearing quality for your consideration. Each $120 purchase of the D-Link DAP-1513 Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridgewill be accompanied by a one-year warranty, any takers?

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