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D-Link Adds Person And Glass Break Detection To Its Security Cameras
If you own a D-Link camera, you might be pleased to learn that the company is planning on introducing some new features to its home security cameras where with the use of AI, it will soon be able to detect people and also when a glass in your home breaks, suggesting that someone might be looking to break in.

D-Link Unveils New Router With Support For 5G
5G will be the next major trend in mobile. 2019 is also expected to be the year that we start seeing carriers begin rolling out 5G networks, and also for smartphones to start supporting it as well. In fact some think that 5G is such a major upgrade that it has been suggested that companies might start to choose to adopt 5G over WiFi in their factories.

D-Link’s HomeKit-Enabled Omna Camera Now Available For Purchase
If you’re looking for a HomeKit-enabled security camera for your home, you’ll be pleased to learn that D-Link’s Omna camera is now available for purchase. The camera was officially announced at CES 2017 earlier in January and is apparently the first HomeKit-enabled camera in the market.

D-Link Announces mydlink Smart Alarm Detector
There are several different smart smoke detectors available in the market today, but if you’d rather not spend the money or time installing a brand new system, but you’d like the same conveniences and features it offers, then you might be interested to learn that D-Link has announced the Smart Alarm Detector that will be added to their mydlink lineup.For those unfamiliar, mydlink is the company’s lineup of smart home […]


D-LINK 890L Tri Band AC3200 Router Review
If the size and color are an indication of how a device would performance, there is little doubt that the D-LINK 890L/R ought to be one of the most powerful based on the sheer size of the device and blazing fast with its bright shiny bright red color.D-Link has an history with odd looking shape design device if you can remember the Boxee Box design. I know that “Beauty is […]

D-Link Wants Your Home To Be Connected
D-Link has every intention of making sure your home remains smart – or at the very least, to get some “brains” along the way – with their range of devices and peripherals that will help to keep your home connected in one way or another. Well, one of their upcoming devices, known as the DCH-G020 connected home hub, looks set to arrive taking into consideration how it has recently made […]

D-Link's Facebook WiFi Router Lets You Check In For Free WiFi
Most of us have come to expect that whenever we enter restaurants or cafes that they have free WiFi. It was never this case a few years ago, but now it has become an expectation and some patrons leave bad reviews when they find out that free WiFi isn’t provided, almost as if it is a right! That being said, if you’re a small business owner looking to drum up […]

D-Link AC750 Router Arrives In New Colors
D-Link wants to color your world by introducing the AC750 router which will arrive in a quartet of colors – namely red, teal, black and white, where you can see all of them in greater detail in the video above. The new range of AC750 Wi-Fi Routers (also known as the DIR-818LW where its model name is concerned) will arrive in a sleek, cylinder shape, offering next generation 802.11ac wireless […]

D-Link WiFi Smart Plug Announced For $49.99
We can only imagine the electricity bill one has to face when they come home and find out that they have left the lights on in one of their rooms when they were away on holiday. However there are times when it is necessary, such as to fool potential burglars that someone is home to deter them, unless of course they don’t care which is a whole different story.Now if […]

D-Link Outdoor HD Cloud Camera Shipping Now
D-Link has made a new addition to its family of Cloud Cameras that allow home and small business owners to keep an eye on their property even if they’re thousands of miles away. They can simply tap into the camera using a smartphone, tablet or PC, even if they do so using a 3G or 4G connection, Wi-Fi would obviously work as well. Today the new D-Link Outdoor HD Cloud […]

D-Link To Close Back Door To Its Routers
D-Link, a company that specializes in networking products, has issued a promise that they would close its routers’ back doors before October is over. This particular promise came about after responding to the discovery that a fair number of its consumer-grade devices did come with a string which would have enabled unauthenticated access to its admin Web page. There was an instance where a researcher over at /DEV/TTYS0 unpacked the […]

D-Link Cloud Router 5700 (DIR-865L) now available
If you’re looking to set up your home with a new router, you might want to check out D-Link’s latest offering. The company announced today that its Cloud Router 5700 (DIR-865L) is now available. It is its first ever 802.11ac router which delivers dual-band wireless performance of up to 1750Mbps – which in today’s world, is great for our high-bandwidth gaming, and HD streaming apps. In addition to blazing speeds […]

D-Link MovieNite Plus announced
D-Link has just announced its latest peripheral – the MovieNite Plus, also known as the DSM-312 if model names are your cup of tea. Just what does the D-Link MovieNite Plus offer? Well, it is capable of delivering additional entertainment options directly to your TV, making sure you get to wind down in the comfort of your own home without having to go through the queues at the cinema. Basically, […]

D-Link MovieNite streaming media player
D-Link’s latest MovieNite streaming media player, also known as the DSM-310 if you are a sucker for model names and numbers, has just been announced, offering yet another option to place beside your HDTV in the living room. Basically, the MovieNite will open up instant access to an unlimited amount of 1080p HD movies and TV shows, in addition to personalized Internet radio directly to any TV without having you […]

D-Link has new mini adapters for PowerLine 200Mbps needs
D-Link, a name that is synonymous with quality networking devices and peripherals, have just announced a bunch of new mini adapters that will cater for PowerLine 200Mbps speeds – and they are the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter (DHP-310AV), the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-311AV), and the PowerLine AV 4-Port Switch Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-348AV).

D-Link DAP-1513 Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge
D-Link has just released their latest dual band MediaBridge, the DAP-1513 Wireless N. Capable of playing nice on both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz spectrums, the DAP-1513 will take advantage of whichever band that is currently the most free of interference automatically in order to ensure that media streaming remains nice and smooth sans hiccups and the ilk. The bridge will also connects up to a quartet of network-ready 100Mbps Ethernet […]

D-Link DWR-530 portable wireless hotspot seen at the FCC
There are some days at the FCC where devices seem to flood into its assembly line, ready and waiting to be inspected by its tireless officials, but on certain days, boring stuff do come in as well. Take for instance the D-Link DWR-530 portable wireless hotspot – now, if you’re an average tech guy, this piece of news should not bother you too much, but if you’re a sucker for […]

D-Link MainStage WiDi TV adapter arrives at the FCC
The good people over at the FCC have it all worked out for them – imagine using all the latest and greatest (OK so the latter might not necessarily be true) gizmos before they have arrived at the market. Well, D-Link’s MainStage WiDi TV adapter first debuted at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, but since then it has been nothing but as quiet as a church mouse. Nice to know […]

D-Link Boxee Box now supports Netflix and VUDU
If you’re a Netflix or VUDU subscriber as well as a Boxee Box owner, you’ll be delighted to know that the set top box from D-Link now supports both favorite video streaming services: Netflix and VUDU. One of the most requested features of the Boxee Box is finally here at no additional cost (besides your $7.99/month Netflix or $2/2 nights VUDU subscription of course). All you need to do is […]

FCC approves of Samsung CY-SWR1100 dual-band wireless N router
Most devices that have made it through the FCC will most probably arrive on the US market in due time, and we believe the same applies to the Samsung CY-SWR1100 dual-band wireless N router. Looks like Samsung is increasing their reach even into the home networking market after seeing the growing trend of consumers relying more and more on their home network to stream media. Since Samsung already has a […]