If you dropped your phone in water and you think that it may never work again, don’t fret. A solution is here. The folks over at DRY-ALL have come up with a product called the Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit. Touted to have a 100% success rate (when all instructions are followed) it sure sounds like a fantastic product. In case you were wondering what sort of trickery this product is, it’s basically a bag that absorbs all the moisture from a phone quickly – with the end result being as if the phone didn’t enter water in the first place.

According to the demonstration video, all users have to do is remove the battery, wipe the phone dry and place it into the bag which is sealed up and then left alone for a period of time. After the phone is done drying, users can just take it out of the bag, replace the battery and cover, and they’re ready to use the phone again.

Originally designed to protect moisture sensitive military equipment, it looks like its creators have found a more consumer-friendly approach to selling the product. The DRY-ALL Emergency Kits come in 3 variants – for cellphones ($29.99), smartphones ($59.99) and tablets ($49.99). Video after the break:

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