HP has released the new generation of HP Pavilion desktop computers that have been redesigned to look good, and yet, be practical (by the way, the two qualities don’t have to collide – that’s the while point of “design”). As you can see, the new Pavilion desktops come in the form of a medium, mini and small towers, depending on how much power and extensibility users want.

The Pavilion HPE (left) is the largest and most powerful model. It comes with a high-end Intel or AMD processor, and multi-display capable discrete graphics from ATI or NVIDIA. The design is a bit of a “power statement”, as its aggressive red line indicates. Surprisingly, it starts at $600. The HPE will be available this Wednesday.

The medium sized computer is the Pavilion p7 (middle), which would serve as the main workhorse for users who need a decent computer that has plenty of storage and some expansion capabilities. It is configurable at order-time with plenty of options. Starting at $300, the p7 Series will be available on June 15.

Finally, the Pavilion s5 is the Slimline Series. It is small, compact, and mostly designed to be a low-maintenance computer.

In all three designs, HP has paid attention to practicality and aesthetics: optical drive and ports are hidden, but yet accessible. To further reduce cost, HP has made the casing as standard as possible, so that it can reduce the overall number of parts across all its lines of computers. This leads to economies of scale, that can then be re-invested to improve the next-generation design.

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