Kinect Poker

In this week’s installment of 101 ways to use your Kinect we have the motion gaming controller from Microsoft giving us the ability to play poker. The folks over at Poker Listings made use of the open-source Kinect software available out there, and with the use of some macros, configured the Kinect to recognize the gestures to play online poker. Folding, checking, placing a bet, and even raising can all be done with simple hand motions.

While admittedly it looks silly playing poker standing up, waving your hands like a mad man, it does make the game a lot healthier. After all, instead of sitting in front of the computer and clicking mouse buttons, you’re standing and actually using energy waving your arms all over the place. Last time I checked, it burns a lot more calories than clicking a mouse. If you’re keen on finding out how to set up your own Kinect for poker playing head over to Poker Listings’ website. Hit the break for a video demonstration of how it works:

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