We first caught wind of the HP Pre 3 at the FCC late last month, and since then, nothing much has been heard from HP concerning their newest webOS 3.0 smartphone. Well, slightly more than a fortnight later, here is yet another version of the HP Pre 3 arrivign at the FCC, delivering support for CDMA/EvDO bands 850/1900, GSM bands 850/900/1800/1900, and UMTS bands 900/2100 – now that is definitely not an AT&T-only handset as originally envisioned, making this a far more appealing option to the masses.

This version of the Pre 3 will be called by its model number HSTNH-F30CV, and according to leaks that had circulated around the Internet previously, this particular model looks set to arrive on Verizon Wireless. The wide range of band support would also translate to it being more or less a world phone, so those who are well heeled and tend to travel a lot would be able to use it just about anywhere they are.

It must be noted that Verizon Wireless has yet to officially announce the Pre 3, but according to today’s FCC filing, it does seem that an unveiling is in the pipeline. After all, Verizon has had experience with a range of world phones before from Android and BlackBerry camps, so why not complete the picture with a webOS addition?

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