HP Pre 3 gets a teardown at the FCC

Before you question the death of the HP Pre 3 – yes, the phone has been officially killed. Someone didn’t give the folks at the FCC a memo about the phone or they just felt like inspecting it anyway. Regardless, HP’s flagship webOS a nice teardown and photographs of its innards have been released online. So while we may never get to hold a Pre 3 in our hands, or […]

HP Pre 3 teardown

While it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing the HP Pre 3 on sale anymore, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a look at it too see what makes it tick. The folks over at webOS Internals managed to gettheir hands on a Pre 3 unit and disassembled it, showing off the difference between the AT&T HP Pre 3 and the European HP Pre 3. Overall, besides the radios […]

UK carriers snub HP Pre 3

Not exactly the most auspicious of starts for HP’s newest webOS-powered device, have we? It seems that mobile operators in the UK are not interested to carry the HP Pre 3 smartphone despite it having arrived in Europe now. Yes sir, you read that right – not a single one of them have drawn up plans to sell the Pre 3 directly – I would suppose that this has something […]

HP Pre 3 shows up on Orange UK website

It’s been many months since the HP Pre 3 was announced to the public, and we’re still not any closer to seeing the device on sale. Well, all that changed last Friday, when the folks over at precentral spotted an entry for the HP Pre 3 on the help & support section of the Orange UK website. Now it’s by no means a confirmation about the phone being released soon, […]


HP TouchPad and Pre 3 pricing speculated by Playboy

Yes, make no mistake about it, Playboy editors too have an interest in silicone of a different type, as the gentlemen’s magazine have recently published speculative prices on the HP TouchPad tablet and HP Pre 3 smartphone. Those two webOS-powered devices do seem to be in line with the rest of the industry, with the Pre 3 being touted to go for $200 with a 2-year contract, while the HP […]

New version of HP Pre 3 arrives at the FCC

We first caught wind of the HP Pre 3 at the FCC late last month, and since then, nothing much has been heard from HP concerning their newest webOS 3.0 smartphone. Well, slightly more than a fortnight later, here is yet another version of the HP Pre 3 arrivign at the FCC, delivering support for CDMA/EvDO bands 850/1900, GSM bands 850/900/1800/1900, and UMTS bands 900/2100 – now that is definitely […]

HP Pre 3 hits the FCC deck

HP has been rather quiet on the smartphone front, and we do know that they still have a couple more handsets that are ready and waiting to be unleashed upon the masses – the Veer and Pre 3, not to mention the TouchPad tablet, of course. Well, judging by the Pre 3 arriving at the FCC, one can say that it is closer than the rest to a launch date. […]

HP Pre 3 – Pre 2′s successor

With the Pre 2 going up for pre-order tomorrow, we wonder why HP chose today to unveil such a device. It pretty much guarantees nobody is going to place an order for the Pre 2 once they hear about the Pre 3. The Pre 3 is HP’s sexy new webOS phone and from its specs, we don’t disagree. No dual-core processor for this phone, but the Pre 3 will pack […]