We all know that Google’s first flagship Android phone, the Google Nexus One was built by HTC. The second flagship Android phone was the Nexus S by Samsung. After that came the flagship Android tablet, the Motorola Xoom, from Motorola. People expected the next flagship device to come from none other than LG, since they were yet to work with Google to produce one so far.

Well, according to the latest rumors, we might not be seeing LG building the next flagship Android phone. According to black_man_x on Twitter, a popular source of handphone rumors, the next flagship Android device will be from Motorola again. Black_man_x doesn’t reveal what he based his rumors on, but here’s the tweet which he sent to the official Nexus account:

“So @googlenexus now we have moto for hardware can we get said device on the usa’s biggest cdma carrier?? Nexus Droid 4G sounds nice…”

If it turns out to be true, it looks like we’ll have two flagship Android devices from Motorola – let’s just hope it’ll turn out to be a bigger hit than the Xoom tablet. What do you think of Motorola building the next Nexus phone? Do you think the company can pull it off?

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