Pioneer WWS-DT101

While the Microsoft Surface is an interesting piece of hardware, unfortunately it isn’t available to us. Well the folks at Pioneer have come up with an alternative – called the WWS-DT101. Resembling a flat screen TV that’s resting face up on a podium, the WWS-DT101 is a full HD 52″ TV with multitouch technology. Designed to allow users to manipulate documents on the screen’s surface, it also features TransferJet technology to wirelessly share documents to/from other devices.

The WWS-DT101 also features a PFU Scan Snap S1100 Scanner that allows users to scan any documents they have by just placing them facedown onto the screen. The 52″ screen can also be used for teleconferences, though I can imagine it’d be difficult having a whole conversation with your neck facing downwards. The giant touchscreen runs on Windows 7 (64 bit), and Intel Core i7 processor, and 6GB of RAM. No word on pricing yet, but the WWS-DT101 will be available in Japan in summer.

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