At long last, Asian gamers will be able to have their gaming fix when Sony finally fixes the PlayStation Network (PSN) in Japan to get it up and running. From tomorrow onwards, users in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand amongst others will be able to gain access to PSN as well as Sony’s Qriocity services. Sony has mentioned that they have “worked closely with respected outside security firms” in order to ensure the security of its services will be better than what it originally was – come on now Sony, surely we expect no less than that!

There will also be an “early-warning system” implemented so that Sony can be alerted soonest possible whenever there is a possibility of a hacker (or hackers) attempting to gain access within the network. Just to recap, both PSN and Qriocity were hacked last month, requiring Sony to take those services down worldwide. US and Europe users managed to gain access to the PSN and Qriocity services earlier this month, so it is time for folks in Asia to enjoy a similar experience now.

If you are living in Asia, are you relieved to hear of this news so that you can continue your online gaming exploits, or the sudden forced cold turkey treatment of your gaming schedule made you quit since you’ve found something else better to do?

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