Here’s a quick question – what is the whole point of encasing your spanking new smartphone in a case when it does nuts to absorb shocks should you accidentally drop your handset? Yeah, that’s what we thought – why not go the extra mile and prevent both scratches and shocks with the new silicone smartphone case from PowerSkin? Right now, what is available will be for Motorola’s Droid X and X2 models, sporting integrated batteries as well to help you prolong the working time of your smartphone while offering superior protection simultaneously.

Made out of soft silicone rubber which is impact-resistant, these cases will boast patented XPAL Powered battery technology that offers double the power, giving you up to another 8 hours of uptime. In addition, you need not fret for nature once you upgrade your phone to a different model since all PowerSkins are rechargeable and 100% recyclable (except for the battery and internal components).

You will be able to pick up PowerSkins for the Motorola Droid X and X2 for $59.99 a pop. Any takers?

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