Don’t you just love the law of logic working here? We are talking about the recent PSN outage that raised more than just the ire of its users, with plenty of folks getting weaned off their console (whether voluntarily or not, that is another can of worms altogether), and some of them have decided to spend their gaming money elsewhere – on the Microsoft Xbox 360, of course. This is happening in the UK as well, with more and more people purportedly trading in their PS3s for new Xbox 360s instead.

This change in sentiment goes to show just how fragile loyalty is these days – it is no longer tied down to a brand, but rather, reliability of a device. Imagine slightly more than a month back, Sony was sitting pretty on their lofty throne with more than 50 million PS3 units sold worldwide, but the recent security breach saw these customers trade in their PS3s for Xbox 360s, hoping to make the jump to greener gaming  grounds.

Take the image on the top right, for example – it is a no brainer that there are so many more PS3 units lying around, and until Sony fixes the PSN outage and is able to win back the confidence of the masses, we would think it is most likely that there won’t be a PS3 shortage anytime soon.

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