Anyone who knows a little bit about cameras as well as those in the high end segment would most probably have heard of the name RED before, and it has nothing to do with the movie that Bruce Willis recently starred in late last year. No sir, RED is a brand name that is associated with top notch equipment, and needless to say, they are out of range for the ordinary man on the street to bring home, leaving it to the professionals instead. The FCC have managed to get hold of a RED EPIC-M camera in the flesh, and decided to tear it down so that the masses are able to check out just what kind of innards have been stored within. 

This is a cinema-quality camera, so you might as well grab a tissue to make sure you do not let your drool drip all over the keyboard as you check out its insane feature set which comprises of 5K RAW recording, up to 225 fps (at 2K, 120fps at 5K), and up to 256GB of storage provided by an SSD module.

There is also a whole bunch of RED-branded processors, alongside what seems to be an insanely large amount of PCB-based memory. Not only that, folks are also able better to check out RED’s 14-megapixel MYSTERIUM-X image sensor. There are some notes concerning RED’s internal photos that refer to an OMAP board, so that means a Texas Instrument processor sees action on the EPIC-M. Satisfied?

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