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RED’s Hydrogen Smartphone Project Is Officially Over
Photographers and filmmakers might be familiar with RED and their lineup of cameras which are used to film some of the best movies in the world. However, in recent years, the company decided to branch out where they made their first smartphone, the RED Hydrogen One. If you were hoping to see a successor, you won’t.

Blind Smartphone Camera Test Yields Very Surprising Results
When you think of smartphone cameras that are supposed to be good, you might think of brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more recently even Google is giving these companies a run for their money. This means that in theory in a blind test, it should be pretty clear who the winners are, right?

RED Hydrogen One Unboxing Video Gives Us An Idea Of What To Expect
Camera maker RED announced their plans a while ago to launch a smartphone of their own. The phone has since been delayed to October later this year, but for those who are curious about the phone and want to get an idea of what to expect in terms of size, display, design, and so on, you’re in luck.

RED Hydrogen One Could Be Launched October 9
RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone has been talked about since 2017 ever since the company unveiled the phone, and now more than a year later it looks like we’re getting closer to its release. According to a recent post on Reddit, it seems that a tentative release date for the RED Hydrogen One smartphone has been revealed.


RED Hydrogen One Stops By The FCC, Reveals 4,510mAh Battery
Camera maker RED announced that they would be getting into the smartphone business back in 2017 when they unveiled the RED Hydrogen One. However the handset was delayed and fast forward a year later, we’ve still yet to see it. However the good news is that we could be getting close.

RED Hydrogen One Packing Snapdragon 835 Chipset In Latest Benchmark
Last year camera maker RED announced that they would be getting into the smartphone game with the launch of the RED Hydrogen One. The handset has yet to be launched and is currently slated for a release this summer. What this means is that a phone announced in 2017 will only be launched in 2018, but what does that mean for its specs?

RED's Holographic Phone Will Get An 8K 3D Camera
Premium camera maker RED has been working on its first smartphone called the Hydrogen One for many months now. The company hasn’t revealed much about the device except that it’s going to have a 3D holographic display which will be capable of producing the 3D effect without requiring the user to wear glasses. The accessories that most companies make for their devices include cases and battery packs, RED is actually […]

RED Hydrogen One Will Be Coming To AT&T, Verizon This Summer
Last year high-end camera maker RED announced that they would be getting into the smartphone business with an upcoming handset called the Hydrogen One. It was originally intended for a launch in the first quarter of the year, but that clearly did not happen, and a report from earlier this month revealed that the company had delayed it to make some improvements.

RED Improves Hydrogen One Smartphone And Then Delays It
High-end camera maker RED announced last year that it’s going to enter the smartphone market as well. The RED Hydrogen One is going to be a $1,200 smartphone that features a new “holographic display,” according to the company. Given that RED is a camera company, one can also expect it to push the envelope in the camera department as well. While RED has now revealed that it has made further […]

Foxconn Wants To Make Cheaper RED 8K Cameras
RED is a company that makes professional-grade digital cinematography and photography cameras. As you can probably imagine, its products are very expensive since they’re primarily aimed at professionals. However, a new partnership will bring its cameras within reach for a lot more people as Foxconn is now planning to build cheaper RED 8K cameras in the near future.

Red Hydrogen One Smartphone Release To Take Place This Summer
High-end camera maker Red announced its $1,200 Hydrogen One smartphone last year. The company’s premium smartphone has a holographic 5.7 inch display that uses nanotechnology to switch between traditional 2D content, 3D content, and holographic multi-view content seamlessly. It didn’t say when the handset would be released back then but the company has now revealed that the Red Hydrogen One release is going to take place in the summer.

RED Announces $1,200 Smartphone With Holographic Display
If you’re not into high-end cameras, you may not know of RED, but it’s an established player in that particular market. The company has sent out a press release today confirming that it has a smartphone in the pipeline. The company says that its new premium smartphone called Hydrogen One is going to have a “holographic display.”

Red’s New Raven 4K Camera Will Cost You $5,950
If you’re a videographer, chances are you have probably heard of the Red brand. For those who aren’t familiar, basically Red is a camera company whose products have been used to shoot some very big budget and notable movies, like The Hobbit, for example. Safe to say their rigs are pretty expensive, at least until now with the introduction of the Raven.The company has recently announced one of its more […]

Nikon D3100 rumored to come in red
There is a new rumor floating around which claims that Nikon will be announcing a new color for the D3100 – one that orientals like, and is often the color of communist flags, a flaming red shade. There is no official press release yet at press time, but we do speculate that the red colored version of the D3100 might actually target just the US market alone, since none of […]

RED EPIC-M camera checks in at the FCC, gets torn apart
Anyone who knows a little bit about cameras as well as those in the high end segment would most probably have heard of the name RED before, and it has nothing to do with the movie that Bruce Willis recently starred in late last year. No sir, RED is a brand name that is associated with top notch equipment, and needless to say, they are out of range for the […]

HTC Incredible S seen in red
Remember the HTC Incredible S that we saw launched yesterday? Well, that came only in black, but here we have a Danish website that points towards a red HTC Incredible S, without having to go through the process of Colorware. Apart from the color change, everything else inside remains the same including its dual LED flashes behind and front facing camera on the opposite side. It has been said that […]

BlackBerry Bold 9780 now caught in a shade of red
The BlackBerry Bold 9780 will not only look like a standard, boring business-issue smartphone, as a red colored model has been spotted recently in a video, touting the 9780’s RAM usage in the process. While there was no branding on the model in the video, it could very well be a pre-release handset after seeing access to engineering screens. The great guessing game of carrier availability goes on until something […]

RED displays working Scarlet camera
RED has paraded a working version of its long-expected and delayed Scarlet camera, where a movie on their official forum will display the nature of its fast autofocus function thanks to an 85mm Canon lens in Single Shot AF mode. While we know the Scarlet camera is now up and working, it is still not ready to be released to the masses, but it is nice to see that the […]

RED Station modular reader coming our way
The RED Station is a special modular storage reader that will cater for its range of high end cameras, where you get a core base station which will supply enough juice for other stacked readers that will handle multiple card formats. For example, the CF reader will handle the most common removable storage media on RED’s cameras, while the MAG 2.5 loads in notebook-sized hard drives and SSDs. Either way, […]