Surprise, surprise, guess which video game console is seeing upwards of “200%” for in-store trade-ins? If you guessed Sony’s PlayStation 3, then you’ve hit the mark right on target. According to an unnamed store manager at a major UK retailer, customers are returning their PlayStation 3 consoles and leaving the store with Xbox 360s. The reason for this is attributed to the ongoing downtime that PlayStation Network is facing. PlayStation gamers who are fed up with waiting on Sony (it’s been three and a half weeks now) are going to Xbox 360 to get their fix of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2.

Additional unnamed store sources also claim that pre-orders for upcoming games have dramatically shifted from the PS3 over to the Xbox 360. As we reported, Microsoft is happily enjoying Sony’s outage, as they are probably seeing a spike in Xbox Live usage.

Sony’s promised rewards for its loyal PSN fans, but it looks like it’s not enough for some gamers. I guess that $60 annual Xbox Live subscription fee isn’t that bad after all, eh?

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