Don’t you just love juicy rumors? Well, Nokia hasn’t been rocking its way at the top for quite some time now no thanks to a variety of factors such as complacency, the rise of Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices, as well as a shift in sentiment to something different. With Nokia looking to Microsoft for an operating system understanding in the future for new handsets, word on the street has it that things are much worse off for Nokia than what we originally thought – it seems that Microsoft is looking into the purchase of Nokia’s phone business. 

Eldar Murtazin who has been quite spot on where rumors are concerned, predicted that there will be a Microsoft-Nokia partnership, with Nokia opening up talks concerning the sales of their handset unit to software giant Microsoft. This particular deal could be inked and done before the year is over, and it does seem to make perfect business sense for Microsoft to ring up another acquisition.

After all, Microsoft is flush with cash, and after purchasing Skype recently, they can now use Nokia’s resources to create a complete mobile Skype handset solution – now how about that? As for Nokia, does it mean this is the death knell? What do you think?

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