Sixaxis emulatorIf you’re one of those people who never really got the hang of using the gamepad to play first person games on the PlayStation 3, and long for the familiarity of a keyboard and mouse combo to play your favorite PS3 first person shooters – you’re not alone. A developer named Matlo from France has been working on an emulator for the PC that lets you identify your computer as a PS3 controller.

Technicalities aside, this means that you can configure your mouse and keyboard on your computer to replace the gamepads on your PlayStation 3 for all sorts of games including FPS games like Call of Duty. You’ll need to do a bit of work to set it up first though, with steps that include getting Linux running on your computer and mapping your keyboard and mouse to the PS3 controller using the software.

While some people might call this cheating when competing in multiplayer – but if you’re a terrible gamepad gamer (i.e. you can’t even get past the tutorial level) this DIY hack might be worth a shot. Check out the instructions on Matlo’s blog and watch a video demonstration of the Sixaxis Emulator working with the PS3.

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