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One of the key features of Google’s latest update for Gingerbread on the Nexus S was the ability to hold native video calls through the Gtalk client. Judging from the latest reports – only users who use the app over WiFi can take part in video calls. Apparently T-Mobile has decided to block all 3G video calls from happening, and has made it available only WiFi.

You might be thinking to yourself, “What?” The company that once mocked AT&T and the iPhone 4 for only being able to FaceTime over WiFi is now the very company that enforces it? The irony. Folks on Sprint with their Nexus S 4G phones aren’t facing such problems, but it looks like their circle of webcam Gtalk video friends over 3G has now grown smaller.

Granted, there are other apps that let you video call over 3G without any restrictions, but Gtalk is an app that comes preloaded on the device, it is the essential IM-client on Android phones and T-Mobile has got the nerve to gimp it. People aren’t going to be very happy when they find out. Oh well, at least T-Mobile customers get their free WiFi calls again.

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