When it comes to video games, the manufacturers really know how to milk a franchise’s worth – short of coming out with quality sequels and beyond, there is also another strategy to open your purse strings willingly by tugging at your heart’s emotion, including rolling out special edition bundles that give you a picture of added perceived value compared to a standard offering. Enter The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D which will arrive in Down Under as a special edition.

It will be very different from Greece’s Deku Nut-packed bundle, as the Australian Ocarina Bundle is available exclusively as a pre-order bonus from EB Games, including an Ocarina inside, some sheet music that will help you play your own rendition of Ocarina of Time’s jingles and a large box that will hold the instrument and tabulature.

How about folks in the US? It seems that Nintendo of America has passed our region for this time, and hopefully that will change in the future. After all, importing one all the way from Australia (not to mention our weaker dollar) would place even more financial burden on an already beleaguered economy.

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