COD EliteActivision has released a FAQ assuring Call of Duty players that the new “Elite” social-networking service will not be taking anything away from the games. It seems that people mistook Activision’s intent to add premium content to the multiplayer COD experience for changing it to a premium-only service.


In the six-page long FAQ (viewable here – PDF), they make it very clear that they aren’t taking anything away from the multiplayer experience we’ve known and have come to love. In fact, the Elite service will be adding a whole bunch of new features for absolutely no cost. Nobody is being forced to pay for anything, and if users want premium features (they have yet to announce them but they promise more will be revealed as we get closer to Modern Warfare 3’s launch) then only will they have to pay for it.

Pay for premium Elite service even gives users access to all DLC content without having to pay extra – it’s part of the package. The FAQ also describes Activision’s plans to expand the service to mobile devices like Android and iOS platforms, where users can run apps that track their stats, custom leaderboards, performance, video uploads and more.

So for those of you who are worried that playing multiplayer COD games means having to fork out extra – you can rest assured. It won’t cost a dime if you’re in it just for the action and you don’t care about the Elite social network.

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