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RIM Founder/CEO apologizes for BlackBerry outage [Video]
The ongoing BlackBerry outage seems to be the main topic of interest over the past few days (just in time for the release of the iPhone 4S?) and a lot of people are unhappy. RIM is clearly aware of the fact and is doing all it can to solve the problem as soon as possible, but in the meantime all we can do is sit and wait. RIM’s founder and […]

Update from RIM about the BlackBerry service outage
For those of you affected by the BlackBerry outage that’s been going on this week, RIM’s Chief Information Officier has sent out an email updating its customers on what’s been going on with the service, and what they’re doing to fix it. BBM services seem to be back online in most places, though there’s still a backlog of emails and messages that have yet to be delivered, but overall it […]

BayFiles: file hosting service from Pirate Bay founders
While the name “The Pirate Bay” has become synonymous with illegal file-sharing, it looks like its founders are ready to turn over a new leaf with the launch of its new file-hosting service called BayFiles. The service will work similar to MegaUpload/Rapidshare – a service that allows users to upload files for personal storage or sharing purposes, and it will eventually compete with other cloud-storage services like Dropbox.Taking a 180-turn […]

Adobe hints at picture cloud storage service
Last week, Adobe wrote an interesting blog post discussing about the results of a question it asked its Facebook fans. The company had asked them about how they manage and back up their photo collections, which basically lead to a wave of responses that included answers like backing up on Flickr, stored on external hard disks, and DVDs. It then went on to ask people about whether they have pushed […]


Google Maps traffic info discontinued?
It was only the other day we announced that Google had traffic information for some countries in Europe, and now it seems that was a short-lived feature. According to a Google Employee on the official Google Maps support forum, Google has decided to shut down its traffic info service for now – at least until it figures a way how to release an improved version of it.

T-Mobile rolls out optional caller ID service
Don’t you just hate it when you get calls from unknown numbers? You never know whether you should pick them up or you should avoid them. Well, T-Mobile customers now have the option to identify unknown callers, with T-Mobile’s new caller ID service called Name ID. Costing $3.99 a month, the service will allow T-Mobile users to identify who’s calling them even if they don’t have their number saved in […]

ucardo combines QR codes with business cards
Since Hipscan popped up a few weeks ago to bring QR codes into the limelight, it feels like the black and white boxes are making a comeback. Another company taking advantage of QR codes for its virtual business card service has now surfaced, with an open beta for the public to try out. Called ucardo, the service attempts to bring business cards to a whole new level.ucardo works by giving […]

Microsoft My Phone service for Windows Mobile 6.x to be discontinued this summer
Bad news for all you folks who are using the My Phone Service for Windows Mobile 6.x devices: Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing the service this coming summer. In August 7th, My Phone backups will stop, and on October 6th, the My Phone website will be taken offline. Since it’s only June now, you’ve got plenty of time to retrieve all the files that you plan to […]

Activision defends charging for Call of Duty Elite premium
Activision has released a FAQ assuring Call of Duty players that the new “Elite” social-networking service will not be taking anything away from the games. It seems that people mistook Activision’s intent to add premium content to the multiplayer COD experience for changing it to a premium-only service.In the six-page long FAQ (viewable here – PDF), they make it very clear that they aren’t taking anything away from the multiplayer […]

Getaround CarKit lets you turn your car into a source of income
Do you have a highly desirable car that people are always asking to borrow off you? Wish you could somehow turn that into a business?  Well, the folks over at Getaround seem to think you can. They’ve just announced the launch of the Getaround CarKit – an all-in-one device for enabling car owners to safely and easily share their cars (and potentially make money while doing so).

Google Music Beta invites rolling out
Google’s music service that was launched last week at the Google I/O event is now finally making its way to the public for testing. Beginning this morning, Verizon Xoom owners have started receiving invitations to join the Google Music Beta. There is no word on when other Android users will be receiving their invites, but at the moment it looks like a Verizon exclusive for now.In case you didn’t know, […]

Spotify launches new music download store
If dominating the music streaming business in UK isn’t enough, it looks like Spotify has its eyes set on the music download market as well. No longer is Spotify going to be a companion to iTunes – it’s going to be a competitor. Today, Spotify is launching a new music downloads store which puts the company head to head against Apple’s own iTunes music download store. Seeing how Apple is […]

YouTube founders acquire Delicious from Yahoo!
As you might or might not know, Yahoo! has been selling off its underperforming services in order to generate more profit, and it its latest sale, Delicious, the web-book marking service has been sold. The buyers? Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, none other than the founders of YouTube. Delicious will now become part of Avos, their new internet company.

YesVideo will transfer your videos to Blu-ray for you
If you’ve shot tons of photographs and video footage in the memory of your camcorders and SLRs and want to share them with your friends or just store them for archival purposes, what do you do? You could definitely burn a whole bunch of DVDs or CDs, but that would mean stacks loads of discs, and buying extra hard disk drives isn’t very practical, not to mention expensive. Uploading them […]

Apple rumored to eventually charge for iTunes Cloud service
Last week we reported that Apple’s cloud music service was rumored to be nearing completion and this week, more details about the service have started surfacing. Rumors are now saying that Apple’s music service will probably start free of charge and then cost users a fee after awhile. How much Apple will be charging is unknown for now, but the service is apparently completed and almost good to go. According to rumors, […]

T-Mobile Bobsled is temporarily suspended
Remember the T-Mobile Bobsled service we announced a week ago for making calls to Facebook users? Well it looks like it was launched prematurely. If you try to make a call with the app now, it won’t work. According to their Facebook page, T-Mobile has temporarily suspended the Bobsled service. Here’s what the announcement says:

Google working together with Spotify to launch music service?
In the latest twist of events in the cloud-music business – Google might be partnering with an existing service to power their Google Music service. As previous rumors have stated – Google’s talks didn’t go down to well with the music labels and their cloud music service might be relegated to just a music storage locker instead. However, new rumors have surfaced saying that the search engine giant has been in […]

netTALK DUO now on sale at
netTALK, the VoIP digital phone service has just announced that the netTALK DUO device is now on sale at – one of the biggest online merchants in the world. netTALK DUO is a device that allows users to make use of netTALK’s VoIP service to make free nationwide calls to any landline or mobile phones in the US and Canada from anywhere in the world. For calls to the […]

VUDU now streams through your web browser
Folks who’ve been subscribed to VUDU’s video-on-demand service will be glad to know that they’ve got an additional way to access the service. Previously only available on a set top box, PlayStation 3 or embedded in TVs, customers can now access VUDU through So if your PS3 has been borrowed by a friend or your TV in the living is being occupied by someone else and you want to […]

Google Hotpot now integrated with Places
For those of you who always wondered why Hotpot was a separate service from Places, wonder no more. Google has finally taken the steps to combine Hotpot with their check-in based Google Places. The system for you to recommend, rate and review places is now integrated with the app that you use to check into it. We wonder what took them so long, maybe they were testing out the Hotpot […]