Addonics Blu-ray/DVD DigiCopier

Addonics has just announced the Blu-ray/DVD DigiCopier – the perfect machine for creating duplicates of discs of any format. The best part is? It doesn’t require a computer. All you have to do is place the master disc in one drive and a blank disc into another and let the DigiCopier work its magic.

Targeted at folks in the education, corporate training, audio/video publishing and marketing/advertising sector, this disc duplication machine should make mass production of your discs a breeze to carry out. In addition to just making copies of discs, the DigiCopier has an eSATA port for you to plug in an optional external eSATA drive. The disc images can then be copied onto the drive, which can then be used as the source, doubling the ouput of the DigiCopier since both drives will be used for copying instead of having one to read the source.

Other features of the stand-alone appliance include an user-friendly interface and intuitive message display on the LCM control module, a high speed 10X Blu-Ray / 22X SATA DVD target drive for maximum throughput,  and a copy-per-cycle that completes in thirty minutes or less for a  25G Blu-Ray disc source image when copying onto  2X Blu-Ray media.

Prices start from $459 and range all the way until $2,359. Find out more about the Addonics Blu-ray/DVD DigiCopier.

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