how-to-rip-dvd-s00Do know that stealing is a crime – regardless of whether you are pirating digital media, or simply ripping off a physical disc. Of course, the traditional description of a theft, which involves taking something that does not belong to you in the corporeal world, still applies.

In fact, there was this bunch of thieves over at a Walmart-owned ASDA supermarket in Cheshire, England, who cleverly evaded security after they successfully managed to pack in the DVDs that they would like to watch later on into envelopes. Rather than walking out of the store with these stolen goods in hand, the thieves then sent the packages to themselves – all the while making use of the in-store Post Office.

Staff over at ASDA managed to figure out the modus operandi later on, and decided to take the preventative step of relocating packaging supplies behind its entertainment counter over at the other end of the store.

Let’s just say that this is best left unknown to the world, as it was because of a local shopper who wanted to pick up an envelope that he was then let into the secret of what had happened previously. This is now a police matter, so hopefully the culprits will be caught – at least they’re more wily than this bunch of crooks.

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