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How To Rip a DVD for Creating a Digital Backup Copy Before It Get Scratched
To watch deleted movie scenes or director’s cut, some people will buy a DVD version even if they have already watched the movie in theater. Of course, there’re many other reasons for people still buying discs, such as for collection or for a sense of ownership of the movie.

Why WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Is The Ideal Tool to Backup/Digitize DVDs
It is essential for users to take care of their DVDs to avoid the loss of valuable content. And that includes using the right software to handle a lot of DVD playing problems.

How to Convert DVD ISO To High-Quality MP4 Using WinX DVD Ripper
By ripping DVDs to ISO image files, we can make intact digital backups of our discs and store them on computer hard drive or other storage devices or cloud services. ISO file is really a great option if we want to preserve everything on a DVD. However, you may want to convert DVD ISO to MP4 or other format because of the following reasons.

How To Fix A Scratched CD or DVD Disc
CDs and DVDs are quite durable, but they also get used quite often, especially, if it is a console game disc. With time, scratches may occur all over the disc making it harder for the player to read data on it. This may lead to slower reads on portions of the discs, and a disc may just stop working, if it is damaged too much.There is still hope: scratches can […]


How To Burn a DVD (Windows)
Even with the increase storage capacity and Cloud storage access, the need of a DVD disc still persists (for many, but not all of course). With all your data on a DVD, you will have peace of mind that your data is not in third-party hands or on a device that may crash anytime. Furthermore, it is also quite convenient to play your multimedia files on a TV or in […]

The Simpsons DVDs Have Been Discontinued
There are many different mediums in which we can consume our video content. There are still DVDs, Blu-ray, and digital online releases from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and so on. However for those who are still collecting physical copies of The Simpsons, you might be disappointed to learn that the DVD versions of the show have since been continued.This was initially reported by the Hollywood Reporter and was later […]

Thieves Post Stolen DVDs To Themselves
Do know that stealing is a crime – regardless of whether you are pirating digital media, or simply ripping off a physical disc. Of course, the traditional description of a theft, which involves taking something that does not belong to you in the corporeal world, still applies.In fact, there was this bunch of thieves over at a Walmart-owned ASDA supermarket in Cheshire, England, who cleverly evaded security after they successfully […]

How To DVD Rip With HandBrake
With the emergence of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks and laptops, there is an insatiable need for content. The obvious source of content is our personal movie DVD library. All that is needed is to convert the DVD content into some sort file format with playback capabilities. The process is known as DVD ripping, capable of extracting an 8GB DVD content into a 800 MB file with little to none quality […]

Domino's Customizes DVDs To Smell Like Pizza When Played
We’re not sure what’s going on in Brazil these days, but they’re coming up with some seriously awesome products as just last week, Huggies unveiled its TweetPee product, which alerts parents when they need to change their baby’s diaper. This week, Dominoes in Brazil is making DVDs smell a little bit more delicious.Dominoes has partnered up with ten video rental stores located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to have […]

The Avengers is biggest pre-ordered movie on Amazon ever
The Avengers was certainly one of the summer blockbusters to beat, and while it will not win any Oscars for its story, the entire movie made the comic book characters come alive. If you want to relive the magic of The Avengers in the comfort of your own home, you might want to be part of history in the making by placing a pre-order on Amazon. In fact, The Avengers […]

DVD-encryption cracking to be allowed by the Feds?
The United States Copyright Office has reportedly heard requests of the public to discuss any possible loopholes on its rules. At the UCLA Law School this Wednesday, Federal regulators have considered testimonies whether to legalize DVD-encryption cracking or not. The public hearing was attended by federal officials, representatives from motion picture studios and about 2 dozen members of the public. The public, including filmmakers, have petitioned the U.S. Copyright Office […]

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo original DVD looks like a bootleg copy
If you plan to pick up the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo DVD this week, don’t be surprised if it looks like a bootleg DVD. According to reports online, the DVD caused quite a stir among Redbox customers due to its design. Folks were so confused about getting what looked like a homemade copy of the movie that Redbox had to issue a notice about its design.  As you can […]

Netflix bids farewell to Qwikster
Ladies and gentlemen – it’s time to say goodbye to Qwikster… even though we barely knew it. Netflix has just announced on its official blog that it has decided to scrap all plans to split its streaming + DVD business into separate entities. I guess they eventually listened to the feedback of unhappy consumers after all. Here’s what Reed Hastings (Netflix’s CEO) had to say:It is clear that for many […]

Samsung SE-208BW Smart Media Hub unveiled
While digital content delivery is rendering most physical mediums obsolete, it’s going to take awhile before it’s finally eradicated. Since it’ll be a long time more before we have affordable and awesome internet connectivity all over the world, physical mediums are going to remain relevant for our portable media entertainment needs. With that in mind, Samsung has unveiled a new product that takes optical disk drives to the next level. […]