American Airlines logoWhile we have most airlines opting to use the iPad as in-flight entertainment, we have one airline that has chosen not to succumb to the trend, by offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead. American Airlines has just announced a deal with Samsung that will place its 10.1″ tablet into the hands of passengers who are flying Premium Class on the airline.

The tablets will be customized for the airline’s in-flight entertainment needs, including the addition of expanded memory because the tablet won’t be streaming anything from the cloud – despite you flying above the clouds in the plane.

This is great for Samsung, as users will get to experience the tablet firsthand and increased exposure for the tablet means a larger potential market. Of course, they’ll have to customize the UI enough so that users won’t have a hard time using the tablet, if not they will be turned off by the device, doing the opposite of what Samsung hopes it would.

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