I am not a big fan of first-person-shooter games such as Call of Duty, since it make me feel killing real people (the graphics are too realistic) but this toy is fun and the game demoed in the video features really cool virtual creatures. The appBlaster, known as the appGun during its development by AppToyz, combine a plastic gun toy, an iPhone or iPod Touch and augmented reality, it lets gamers play an AR FPS game, check out the video, it is hilarious.

The triggers operate two pads that touch the screen and shoot the in-game gun, letting the gamer to use both the primary and secondary gun functions.The gun can be cocked and reloaded using the iPhone’s/iPod touch’s motion sensitivity, and it does not need any batteries: it uses the trigger-to-touch-screen technology to fire the in-game gun.



AppBlaster will be available first at the Red 5 concession in Selfridges London for £19.99, from 6 July and from 7 July.

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