Audio-Technia headphones

Audio-Technica, the audio accessory specialist, has introduced a new line up of solid bass headphones at the CEA Line Shows 2011 this week. The headphones, designed for users looking for quality audio from their music devices will “deliver impactful bass, along with smooth, accurate midrange and treble.” The headphones will come in two over-ear and two in-ear models to suit the preferences of different listeners.

The new headphones take advantage of Audio-Technica’s Double Air Chamber System that focuses air flow produced by the driver to expand its bass output. The ATH-WS70 and ATH-WS55 over-ear models further enhance bass response by providing an acoustic seal, cutting out outside noise and preventing sound leakage. The ATH-CKS77 and ATH-CKS55 in-ear models have a new movable two-position post that allows users adjust for the best sound isolation and low-frequency performance.

All models come in black and will be available in June 2011 except for the ATH-WS55 that is also available in red, but will arrive at stores later in July 2011. Suggested retail prices are: ATH-WS70 $149.95; ATH-WS55 $99.95; ATH-CKS77 $119.95; ATH-CKS55 $69.95.

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