Whoever said we’d never live to see Transformers invade our planet probably has never seen what the Japanese folks can come up with in real life. An amateur robot enthusiast Ron Tajima recently took apart a can of beer, added some motors, an embedded system and some batteries to come up with his very own beer can Decepticon called CanBot. At first glance it might look like a strange looking beer can, but with one press of a button on the Wii controller will cast all disbelief aside.

The CanBot transforms from an ordinary looking beer can into a 3-legged robot that can walk around albeit pretty slowly, on flat surfaces. When on its sides, the robot can even kick into a roll, moving about much faster than if it was to walk. However it doesn’t seem capable of standing up on its own again. Ron Tajima says there’s a lot more work to be done but from the video demonstration of what he has so far – it’s pretty impressive. Hit the break to check it out:

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