The big mover and shaker at Computex on its first day was the Asus Padfone, but what about today? There are plenty of picks to choose from, but with the advent of tablets that are ready to rock the market in the year ahead (and many more years to come, of course, unless the trend bucks elsewhere), the ECS ICE smartphone docking tablet might just find a market for it to exploit.

This tablet-sized device is not only capable of docking an iPhone 4 (of course, the majority of the newer smartphones will also work) it will display all the contents of your smartphone on its 9.7″ display in 4:3 ratio – sounds familiar, iPad owners?

The smartphone docking tablet is tipped to hit the market in Q4 this year, and speculation is rife that it will retail for under $200. The good news does not stop there however, since the ECS ICE collaboration will also come with an SD memory card slot, a couple of USB ports and a front facing camera. Since it is compatible with all three platforms (Android, iOS and Windows), this is clearly an attempt at capturing the extremely broad market.

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