While LulzSec might have called it quits for the moment, that does not mean the hacking threat is far from over worldwide. No sir, as there are always other folks or groups out there who would not think twice about making a name for themselves by hacking into various online institutions and websites. Even at this moment, there are tweets from different people that indicate Groupon India (SoSasta.com as it is known by a different name) might just have been hacked.


The hack has yet to be confirmed, but that could be because there is no official announcement just yet, or SoSasta.com wants to keep things lying low. What then, would make us suspect that SoSasta has been hacked? Well, the company apparently started sending e-mails to its users, asking them to change their passwords after stating that its user database has been hacked.

So far, efforts to contact SoSasta for additional information have yet to be replied, so hopefully newer developments will shed more light on the situation.

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